About us

Amaura Jewelry LLC, is owned by Rosine Angbanzan. Rosine has always had a great passion for beauty and fashion from an early age, and she has an extensive experience in collecting and selling beauty items in the USA, Africa and Europe. Rosine is also a Public Health professional with a Master of Public Health. She is a proud mother of three, and married to her college sweetheart.

Let’s Rosine share more about herself and all about Amaura Jewelry.

Finishing-up my outfit with a well-designed and unique piece of jewelry has always been important to me. I spent hours and days cruising malls and boutiques from all over town to find that unique piece that will match perfectly my outfit. Color, design, finishing everything counts in my selection process. As an African woman, I liked jewelry that comes in sets: Necklace with assorted earrings, bracelet and ring. Difficult to find in US malls and boutiques insofar as I had to order from my sisters back home till the day which I” googled” a brand my sister had sent me. Compliments received from various women, my natural longing for selling, my eagerness to please others translated into AMAURA JEWELRY -WWW.AMAURAJEWELRY.COM.

Selling to me means more than making money (don’t give me wrong, I like the profit too) but it is more about fostering human relationships by getting to know people, learning and sharing ideas, providing solutions, giving comfort, and most of all making people feel good about themselves. My motto for Amaura jewelry is “be jeweled and be well”. How will I be able to make you feel “well” after a purchase? Thanks to technology, you and I could light up a relationship, a friendship, through posting on my Facebook page, sharing your pictures, commenting on my blog, twitting, or emailing me at amaurajewelry@gmail.com.

That being said, I am looking forward to your first purchase and to a long-lasting trusting, loving business relationship with you…

To be continued…